Refreshing. Returning. Restoring.

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RefreshingFresh starts. At the NEW Heritage, we are not interested in church that is old, routine, boring, meaningless, useless, nor pointless! No way – Church is a group of PEOPLE who care for each other and the world they live in! It is a PLACE to learn about the difference that the ageless truths of God can make! And church is a WELL of cool water where Jesus Christ still relieves sin-parched lives! TRUE CHURCH – it’s still that way! John 4:14

ReturningFirst Principles. Preaching the truth of the Bible, Reaching people who do not know God, Knowing God personally – that is our framework for church! For 2,000 years real churches have done things God’s way without catchy phrases, flashy lights, party music, sensual atmospheres, or sloppy gurus! Church is ageless and when it is done to please God – it makes a difference to people! The NEW Heritage is a church that is returning to the principles that bless God – because that is what blesses people! TRUE CHURCH – it’s still that way! Matthew 28:18-20

RestoringFirst Love. America is a blessed nation with an undeniable and well-documented Christian HERITAGE! Americans and Christians are blessed because of the HERITAGE of the New Testament church in their histories – churches like the NEW Heritage Baptist Church! God wants America to awake out of her indulgent sleep and turn to Him with everything they have. No law, cause, or politician will ever be the answer for America – only God restores! At Heritage, we want to preach the Gospel to our neighbors, our town, our country, and our world because we love our God and for the sake of a world of people who do not know Him! TRUE CHURCH – it’s still that way! II Chronicles 7:14